Prina Energy is privately held international trading company active over a wide spectrum of global markets with access to a comprehensive portfolio of world-class commodities. Our organization markets products to cooperative societies, public-sector undertakings, and governments and down to the individual while cooperating in the development of resource projects globally. Using unique business models, Prina Energy has established long-term relationships with major producers in Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet republics), Asia, Africa, The Middle East, and North America.

Our solid financial track record, reputation for operational excellence, market expertise and regional connections are supported by a diverse workforce experienced in matters of Corporate Affairs, Finance, Planning & Development, Human Resources, and Administration.Ongoing strategic planning, investments and a robust balance sheet ensure Prina Energy is well positioned to anticipate the demands of international buyers, sellers and our partners at all times.

Prina Energy's internationally renowned reputation, built on the values of quality, integrity and industry wisdom, continue to set new performance records for our customers and partners.

Who We are

Prina Energy is one of Asia's leading international Mineral and Natural resources trading company...

Our Company

Our activities include the storage, merchandising, marketing and transportation of a wide range of energy and energy-related....

Our Business

Trading is the engine of our business, and energy - in its many different physical forms - is the resource we trade the most.


At Prina, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. This means treating with the highest...